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The world is a place to listen. So find new sounds with Äther Online!

Äthe looks to the stars. Late night after a fancy dance party in a club. Sitting in a car and waiting for the rising moon over the sleepy city. Do you hear the everlasting sound of electronic? Beats and chords melted to a pumping rhythm and a musical trap floated over the ground, Anybody out there stepped in something. Of course Pop is always there but Chillout and the psy factor searches a hungry brain. At once there is a shiny star at the galaxy visible. This must be the planet where Äthe resides. Besides the mars, jupiter, saturn, earth and other candidates at the firmament wait to be seized by a sophisticated monkey. Is this future the discovery of human music my friend?

Äther is a spot where you can find new original works of new music. The sub songs are original songs and carefully choiced sounds. Wowh and you can guess that the newcomer atmosphere gives you a short glance to fresh sounds. Song slots are loaded with the latest tracks also for DJ Song Download. So please give it a chance!


This site is solely for finding recent sounds of undiscovered artist scopes. Therfore the songs here you´ll find at the download shops. Not only for friends, the are yust for your personal entertainment or recreation time. Of course, sometimes you will download tracks either for support or to purchase a song for a little advertency, (a good idea to support novelties). Hence i hope you are the type of visitor who is not branded by the – every day the same – music portofolio and open minded for the approach to get the latest takes and rough song material. But nevertheless you will hear some awesome tunes, which love a decision for a new musical future…

Krautrocka – Lóng Chéng

Electronica / Dance Music

Welcome with Music by Ritter Rockjo!

Electronic Rock presented by Ritter Rockjo. Sounds that spread hype and future disco pop charme over the world. Here at the ether you can hear the good sounding songs, composed and performed by Ritter Rockjo. Well, there is much work to do in future to find the right audience for new styles.

Or have you ever heard songs from Floyh or Krat? That could be a fault, because so you don´t know what you have passed.

Feel well and start to stream the songs for a while:


Äthe with astonishing calm tunes of meditative music here at Äther

Äthe with his novelties of ambient textures and smooth pads. Check out the tracks and rest by reducing the stress of searching online.


And here is another one, Ritter Rockjo freshly introduced artist to music interested people

Indeed, the indie pop and rock styles of tin boyd are lovely sounding guitar tunes. Listen to them right now! Or yust have look to Mydeu. This is another good playing music project with a unique musical program.


And who can find awesome electronic music?

Dr. Saw is the specialist for rough audio material. Cutting wave forms and industrial noise. Wow, this dr. saw is a rattle monster presenting an atmospheric electro chamber.

This Bionemis – Dark Side of the Sirius, 2018

Dark Side Of The Sirius by This Bionemis is the name of the new album. Listen to electronic music enhanced through synth vocals. Melodic phrases and carefully choiced beats form that soft kind of techno music. Additionally you can hear a special dubstep version of the song called Leben.


Relax with a musicvideo by Äthe. Esoteric mood and ethereal sounds compiled to a

unique set of visual frames. Produced by Volker Wolfgang near Cologne in Germany. Well, let´s have a few minutes to slow down with downtempo music…

Songvideo is another place to look for my recent songs

Yes and that is a good idea to search for substream places, where the spirit is high!

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Äther music online

Try to visit Streami, the new media website. There you can find cool tunes. A place to find underground music too. Even songs with rock items or industrial house tracks, like the fine work by Volker Wolfgang. Hits of a tasty choice, with special atmospheric sizzling synths and modern electronic feel.